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White Marble & Birch Bark

Carrara marble and natural finished birch bark.

Nothing beats the feeling of real marble and birch bark. When touching the surface you will feel the greatness of the stone and natural finish of the birch bark.

We have carefully attached 1 mm thin slices of exclusive marble stone and birch bark onto the back of these phone cases. The birch bark have a history of its own, it’s hand harvested in the north of Sweden during a couple of weeks each year, just when the sap of the downy birch tree is just right. When the Carrara marble stone meets the birch bark, it’s where the magic happens, a crossover of two unique materials is created.

We love the unique patterns and natural variations of the marble and birch bark. Together, they create harmony when the cold stone meets the warm birch bark, it is just the art of feng shui.

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