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Birch Bark

Birch bark from northern Sweden. Natural finish.

We are convinced nature increases the mindfulness among us humans and that is exactly what this piece of natural birch bark brings you, a pleasant feeling of well-being.

Birch bark, do we need to say anything more? Exactly. We have been working so hard to find birch bark with the right characteristics and that was easier said than done. We found it in the northern part of Sweden, but we can only harvest it when the sap of the downy birch tree is just right, which is only a couple of weeks each year.

After harvesting the birch bark we delaminate it by hand to get exactly a layer of 1 mm to fit our cases. This handicraft tradition originates from the native people of Scandinavia many hundred years back, and we bring this craft tradition to life to your most used accessory. Isn’t that just beautiful.

We want this case to constantly remember you of the beauty of mother nature and especially the beauty of Scandinavia’s nature and heritage. We promise you, if you don’t receive star status among your friends with this case, you can return it for free!

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